Shaft sleeve


Most shaft sleeves are used to:

  • Provide corrosion resistance to steel or iron shafts.
  • As a wear surface for packing.
  • To position an impeller in double ended pump designs.
  • Retain a metal bellows seal on the rotating shaft.

Double-ended pump shafts are often protected against wear and corrosion by the use of shaft sleeves. In smaller pumps this can reduce the impeller suction area, and if the suction eye is increased accordingly the suction specific speed number may become excessive.

Because of stuffing box space limitations the solid shaft is often reduced to accommodate a sleeve and the resultant raising of the L3/D4 number increases the mechanical seal and bearing problems.

The solution is to go to a different design with a solid corrosion resistant shaft.

Select a mechanical seal that will not frett the shaft and the problem should be solved.


  • On February 17, 2018