SUBJECT: Preventing premature seal failure 10-4

Here is a three question quiz:

Question: How do you prevent premature mechanical seal failure?

Answer: Find out what is causing the seals to fail and prevent it from happening.

Question: How long should a mechanical seal last?

Answer: Until the sacrificial carbon seal face wears away.

Question: How often do seals wear out?

Answer : Less than ten percent of the time.

If you understand that simple logic you'll be happy to lean that seals fail for only two reasons:

Don't make it too complicated. If you inspect a failed seal and see no evidence of a component damage, then the seal faces must have opened, because seals fail for only two reasons.

Here are the most common reasons that lapped faces open prematurely:

The easiest way to tell that you are having seal face opening problems is to inspect the hard face for evidence of wear. Common sense dictates that carbon cannot wear a hard seal face.

If the faces open, it will allow solids to penetrate between the lapped faces and then these solids will embed into the softer carbon when the faces close. The contaminated carbon will then act as a grinding surface making wear marks in the harder face.

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