Sources of a temperature change in the stuffing box area, cheat sheet 9-8

Many factors contribute to a change in the pump stuffing box temperature :

Ambient or the surrounding conditions have a major affect on temperature:

The product its self can be the problem.

The seal face load is very important.

The face materials are another factor.

Vacuum causes a heat problem between faces.

High soak temperatures can cause a seal failure

The shaft material is a variable.

The stuffing box design is important.

The loss of an environmental control can increase the stuffing box temperature. There are several types of environmental controls in common use:

The pump discharge is being throttled for some reason causing the heating problem. Here are a couple of reasons why people throttle the pump discharge. :

A change in the process can cause the additional heat.

Here are a couple more reasons the temperature can change in the stuffing box:


Elastomers. Especially those located in or close to the seal faces.

The carbon

The hard face

The metal parts

The product can change from a liquid to a solid or gas with higher temperatures.

Critical dimensions change that can affect seal performance.

Corrosion always increases with an increase in product or face temperature. There are many kinds of corrosion affecting the metal parts that include:

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