SUBJECT: More about packing conversion. 9-4

Sales people constantly preach the virtues of converting that nasty, greasy packing to a brand new, shiny, expensive mechanical seal. Their presentation makes a lot of sense and besides that the government is passing new legislation that is making conventional packing more obsolete by the minute.

If you are about to make one of these conversion in your plant there are some things that you should know to make the transition easier. Packing conversion does have its down side. Let's look at a few of the problems. We will then discuss some of the solutions, and end this discussion with the advantages of converting to a better mechanical seal .

First the problems with the types of seal supplied by your pump company or the original equipment manufacturers (OEM):

Now that you know the bad news, here is the good news. You can purchase mechanical seals that solve many of the above problems.

There is no question that mechanical seals are better than packing if you know how to deal with the problems mentioned above. The advantages of the cartridge mounted balanced seal over conventional packings are numerous, here are a few:

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