SUBJECT: Getting what you pay for in a mechanical seal7-11

Any time you purchase a mechanical seal, or any other piece of hardware for that matter, you get to choose two of the following three features nobody gets them all:

Why can't you get all three? Sales people and advertising imply you can. The fact is that if you understand the following you'll see it is impossible by definition.

Let's start with a high quality seal. What would it look like?

Service comes next:

That leaves only the price:

The cost of any product is based on consumption. If the manufacturer can make a lot of anything the price can become attractive. He therefore tries a distribution system that will give him his greatest growth. Assuming that you're dealing with a reputable manufacturer that has priced his product sensibly, he now pays for his sales cost by offering the product at a discount to:

He can't give them all the discount, and if he gives several of them some of the discount, there is not enough incentive for any of them to get excited about the product to work hard to increase the distribution.

The manufacturer is looking for volume, and this may be in conflict with some of your needs. Think it through because there is no simple answer to the problem; it varies from location to location.

The only people that ever really have difficulties are those buyers that are looking for the reliable individual that will give him all three without over pricing the product to start with. That person never existed!

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