SUBJECT: How to implement the information you learn from self study and attendance at seminars 3-12.

There's nothing more frustrating than to have a wealth of good information and nobody interested in listening to it. How often have you tried to explain to your boss the solution to the "big problem" and he just does not seem to care?

It's easy to classify him as being in a stupid category, but maybe he has his reasons. Perhaps:

Most people refuse to react to a suggestion unless there's something in it for them. Try one or more of the following ideas. They might just work.

If your presentation were to show the savings involved in converting packing to a mechanical seal it might include:

Split seals represent some of the most visible savings. These seals are available from all of the major seal manufacturers and offer additional advantages over conventional solid seals.

Sometimes your management people will react to fear. There are several real fears they should react to:

Get your boss to the same seminar that influenced your thinking. He'll learn the terminology and maybe be a lot more receptive to your ideas. And finally, talk logically. A logical thought process is the best substitute for years of experience. Truth is always independent of the speaker.

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